Trump’s reign of hate starts with words


Art by Bryan Delgado

Moises Guevara, Opinions Editor

President Trump often uses negative speech during rallies and twitter rants which encourages followers to take action inspired by his words. This is unacceptable from the leader of the free world.

Trump has spoken negatively about politics at public events since before his 2016 campaign for the White House. He talks down to women, minorities, enemies and allies of the U.S. He raises hate and disdain against his enemies which Trump’s supporters blindly follow.

Trump’s negative words heavily influence his supporters. One of Trump’s extremist follower sent 12 pipe bombs through the mail Oct. 26, to Trump’s publicly avowed enemies including former President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other democratic public figures. Authorities found the bomber living in a van covered with photos praising Trump and slandering his enemies. There was even a photo of Hillary Clinton in the cross hairs.

Trump’s tolerance of radical American purists who support him is dangerous. The recent shooting of Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue left 11 dead. The terrorist who led the attack was an “alt-right” activist who spoke out in hate on many things including immigrants and jews. Immigrants have been on Trump’s enemy list since the beginning of his campaign. He has demonized them by saying they are all criminals and other inappropriate things which might have led the shooter to take aim on this synagogue that welcomed immigrants.

A president’s function is to unite the nation and promote the acceptance and tolerance no matter the color, race, religion or belief. In his two years in office Trump is doing the opposite by dividing America with fear and hate. To combat this wave of negativity and corruption the public must educate themselves on the people who will represent them in the 2020 election and vote accordingly. With the recent midterm elections the U.S. population has pushed for changes across the board which can be a good indicator for the positive change to come to this great nation.


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