Winterguard season starting


Moses Coralejo

Flag members practice rifle tosses

Moses Corralejo, Reporter

Joining the band for football games and competitions is no longer a priority for the Del Valle Flag Team as they prepare for their Winterguard season. 

The excitement builds as ideas are developed for the show’s theme.

“The theme of our show is the Golden Hour by JVKE, which is the song,” Flags coach Azucena Garcia said.

There is room for anyone who wants to join and compete for Winterguard.

“We are doing secondary tryouts for Winterguard. We are designing our show for 12 members so we would love to have at least 20,” Garcia said

A new season means new changes that will get the team to victory.

“We definitely want to highlight our soloists or strongest members and of course have props. I would love to have some type of water fountain in the center, so we are planning on that,” Garcia said.

The team hopes to achieve more.

“I want to get bumped up into the higher rankings to 1st or 2nd place,” Winterguard Captain Evelyn Gallegos said.

Winterguard brings young underclassmen into the season with confidence while upperclassmen go out with a bang.

“I want my freshmen to really get that experience and get them out of their shell, and also for my seniors to end their last season on a high note,” Garcia said.

A wonderful show comes with team effort.

“I want to have a good show with the team especially since I know they have potential to create a wonderful show,” Gallegos said.

 Early preparation can only lead this team to success.

“I want my team to keep growing technique wise and as humans by making sure we have all of our full potential to execute a beautiful show once again with the people I love the most,” said Winterguard captain Martha Moran.