Out-of-order poses accessibility issues


Maya Rivera

Decorated with an out-of-order sign, the elevator remained out of function for three weeks.

Lindsay Estrada, Reporter

Two weeks prior to the spring intersession, Feb. 18, the elevator on the east hallway was designated as out of order. The other two elevators remained in service, allowing students and staff to travel the first two floors on the west side of the school. 

Because the east third floor was inaccessible for injured or disabled persons, they were hit with newfound difficulty navigating the building. 

 A malfunctioning elevator hits hard. The remaining elevators are on the opposite side of the building, leaving them to walk longer distances to attend class on the east side’s second floor. 

It was uncertain how long the elevator would be off-service. Taking over five weeks, three weeks excluding intersession and break for the elevator to function again. It is a lot of time for a student to miss class while school work piles up.  

Injured and disabled people aren’t the only ones who use the elevators. It is also used by staff such as custodians and teachers to carry supplies that can’t be delivered up the stairs. 

 The good thing is accommodations were placed for students, who reported to the commons instead of their classroom on the third floor. 

Administration needs to create a plan for students and staff if the elevator malfunctions again. People need to be made aware of what to do if the elevator stops suddenly or is unresponsive. 

Many use the elevators to get through the day like everyone else. Navigating the school is already hard for those who are physically impaired, so imagine when the only form of transportation is unavailable.