Celebrating Shrek turning 20


Savannah Torres

Classic VHS tape In celebration of 20 years of the legendary movie Shrek

Kristyn Aguilera, Reporter

In 2001, which later became widely known as a family classic, the movie Shrek was released. A film the people are celebrating 20 years later, described as a marvelous fairytale, with a thrilling quest and a happily-ever-after ending.

The movie Shrek is a comedy that enters you into a world of fairytale characters, animals and royalty. A gist of realistic fiction, romance and fables. 

One gets a little bit of everything from watching this movie, especially Gen Z. The film begins to play and one remembers their first time playing it on a vhs player, Blu ray or if you’re old enough even watching it in the movie theaters. This brings the feelings of warmth and happiness. 

A vivid memory that stems from watching this film is the experience of watching it with family and friends. The song “Somebody Once Told Me” is a classic, whenever it is played the world knows where it’s from.

 Dreamworks created a flick that includes adult humor, while catering to children all at once. Shrek is a movie for all age groups, Shrek is a family movie.

From ogres all the way to royalty, this storyline brings joy to this day and age. The people say “Shrek is love, Shrek is life, Shrek is 20.”