Girls soccer team takes on season


Maya Rivera

Conquistadores against the Parkland mustangs.

Melanie, Reporter

Running across the school’s field to the field in Fresno,Tx. The girls varsity soccer team started the season with a bang.

“Everyone has found soccer to be a special experience and watching everyone develop makes the team more productive,” sophomore Jocelyn Duarte said.

Fast paced girls on the field win games.

“With every practice and game they win this season, the girls prove that their hard effort is yielding positive consequences,” varsity girls soccer coach Stephanie Sazo said.

Scores have the girls going out of town.

“Every goal counts as time goes on, and the team is advancing as greater scores come in,” Sazo said.

Challenges are accepted and met.

“Despite a challenging season, we continue to outperform other schools and cities. We are extremely happy with the results and the results of these girls’ hard work,” sophomore Kaylin Lopez said.

The season looks favorable.

“Not only do you make friendships and so many memories but you also gain love for the sport and it stays with you as a core memory,” Duarte said.

Although it’s been a long journey, effort pays off.

Scores have improved, which is good for our standing in districts. And keeping it positive with everyone really increases the confidence within the players,” Duarte said.