Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s big mistake


Shuhan Sun

Fallouts after Valentine’s Day causes gifts to be discarded.

Shuhan Sun, Managing Editor

Valentine’s Day – heart-shaped papers are randomly stuck to the walls, red confetti litters the floor and dazed lovesick couples hang in every hallway corner. The entire day is filled with mushy-gushy confessions – happiness galore in red and pink. Somehow Cupid forgot that in shooting his fated arrow – Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone and even Cupid can miss. 

Just like there are things to like about Valentine’s Day, there are many things not to like about it.

Sophomore Byonce Soto said stores have an endless supply of Valentine’s Day items, yet gifts like teddy bears, and Valentine’s Day specific clothing or jewelry end up left behind. 

 Then there’s the holiday’s color scheme, which is just atrocious. Red and pink are pretty colors to use separately as holiday colors – what’s Christmas without red or Easter without pink — but definitely not together.

And the gifts are expensive. The average American spends over $150 on chocolates, roses or other such gifts according to TruelyExperiences, Jan. 28. High school students spend an average of $15, some spend at least $30 and others spend nothing. On a normal month high school students spend about $5-$10, $30 for one day indicates how unnecessary Valentine’s Day spending is. 

While couples think Valentine’s Day is a lovely holiday, singles may not. 

Some like Soto think couples exaggerate their actions during the holiday, as if it was the last day they’ll have on Earth together.

The holiday is also somehow obnoxiously pushed into partnerless people’s faces. On Feb.14, students from various clubs are fundraising with Valentine grams throughout the day. Not only could that strain a relationship as in “Babe I’m broke,” it could also damage friendships. Imagine someone finding out their friend gave another friend one of those ridiculously expensive candy grams but not one to them. That would certainly be enough to ruin anybody’s day. 

If there was a list of the most useless holidays to exist, Valentine’s Day would top the chart needlessly waiting for a holiday to give each other excessive gifts, spending money that high schoolers might not spend in a month let alone a single day. Causing jealousy and disharmony among students are all characteristics of this holiday that make it well, unlikeable. So what is Valentine’s Day? A holiday that one can live perfectly well without.