In-person learning is back, promising safety


Brisa Martinez

Masks are required for every student in class.

Brisa Martinez, Reporter

Although online learning provides safety, schools have implemented safety measures to keep students safe on campus.With these safety measures, it is evident that face-to-face is the way to go.

 One of the biggest concerns students and teachers face is how to avoid getting sick. At the beginning of the school year not everyone chose to wear a mask, but despite debates and state restrictions, school now has a mask mandate. Even if people don’t bring a mask, the school makes some available. According to the CDC, masks are very efficient and keep people safe. Even homemade cotton masks offer good protection. 

A study led by researchers from John Hopkins shows that dividers aren’t effective and can even make things worse by redirecting germs onto someone else or by hindering normal air flow. It is difficult to social distance at school, and schools make an effort to keep students at least three feet apart.

The school has other measures in place to keep everyone safe. Aside from masks, the school also supplies hand sanitizer throughout the school. Every classroom and portable has a large bottle. Vaccines were also available for unvaccinated students and teachers. They are no longer available on campus.

 According to the CDC, FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines protect against Delta and other known variants. Even with multiple variants, being vaccinated decreases the chance of getting infected and becoming seriously ill.

School is all about learning and getting an education.

 For nearly two years students had to attend online school and learn from home. It was a difficult situation and it was not easy to learn or ask for help when having problems, or understanding certain concepts. Being behind a computer screen made it easy for students to ditch class or hide from teachers. Face-to-face learning helps students learn easier, because teachers are nearby and easy to reach for help. For those students who aren’t fond of learning, being face-to-face gives them no choice but to attend class.