Batman is back


Illustrated by Lindsey Lazcano

Poster based on The Batman movie.

Lindsey Lazcano, Reporter

The Batman,” one of the most anticipated movies, is ready for release.

Robert Pattinson takes on the lead role in the movie “The Batman,” The movie takes place in Gotham City, a place full of crime.

Matt Reeves (the director) chose Robert Pattinson as the protagonist of this movie since he was young and the character has an inner rage that connects with the character of Batman. When the cast was announced, the audience did not agree with Reeve’s decision and despite the criticism, Pattinson accepted the role.

The film does not focus on the theme of superheroes. Batman is a mysterious dark character full of doubts.

The movie is based on Batman’s principles. He cannot kill, so the villains are difficult to beat. Characters include the Penguin who is the owner of a club, Catwoman, a bank robber and the Riddler forms a fundamental part of the movie. Riddler leaves puzzles that have to be deciphered. This is an interesting way to keep the audience intrigued.