The best night of the year, Halloween


Sierra Orozco

Christmas vs. Halloween. Which is the best holiday?

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

As the year comes to an end, holidays are rolling in and stores are filled with all kinds of decorations. People are ready after a drab year of quarantine closures. 

Halloween and Christmas are among the most popular and favorite holidays. These holidays are loved and celebrated by many but it’s clear which holiday is best-Halloween.

Halloween is the night people can be anything. Whether that be a vampire or a dinosaur, it’s a time when all ages can have fun. 

The best part about Halloween night is going door-to-door to collect as much candy as will fit in a bag. Although Christmas is widely celebrated and loved, Halloween is arguably the most exciting time of year. 

Halloween costumes can be ultra creative; they can be funny, weird, unique, scary. They can be anything. Costumes can be inspired by, a movie, show, or book.

Even houses are transformed with extravagant decorations. Children love to go house-to-house to see the Halloween decorations.

Many houses decorate their doors with silly faces and scary looking creatures. People put up creepy looking decor inside and outside. Some people go the extra mile and add festive hanging lights and Halloween inflatables.

 Some homeowners create haunted houses for people to go through to get to the candy. 

On social media people show off their Halloween celebrations. Costumes may just be the most enjoyable part of the night, getting to see the brilliance of others and their characters they portray.

Halloween night is one of the best nights to remember out of the year. Everyone goes home happy with a belly full of candy.