Mens bathrooms messy, messy, messy


Nicholas Barrios, Reporter

The men’s bathrooms are getting worse. Soap and paper towel dispensers are broken off the wall or go empty for days or even weeks. The floors are sticky with trash and dirt, toilets are messy, and there is an awful odor. 

Students must encourage each other to take better care of the facilities and show how much of a priority cleanliness is in all the bathrooms.

The beginning of the year saw reasonable conditions in the bathrooms but as time passed students got careless and somehow it became acceptable to leave a mess. This behavior comes from students of all grades. Now dirty bathrooms are expected and it’s even become normal to walk all over the mess.      

If neither custodians nor students take action things won’t change. It will be assumed that students don’t care about the mess and students won’t find motivation to clean up after themselves. Despite the stained floors and terrible smell, the staff makes an effort to sweep, mop, take out trash, clean stalls, refill soap daily and pick up after students. 

A team of custodians clean bathrooms during the night and divide up the halls. During the day there’s only one custodian to clean bathrooms. Their work is important but students must make an effort in keeping clean, if not janitors’ progress will be set back.  

There’s not much students have to do to improve the situation. They simply have to take care of their own mess. There is always more they can help with to change things such as holding others accountable, taking responsibility even if the mess isn’t theirs, or informing the head custodian of something that needs to be cleaned. School staff aren’t always aware of conditions in the bathrooms and they might not be aware until they are told by someone. 

If students can contribute to this problem it can be easily solved. After all there are 2000 students in school and at least half are male. When picking up after others remember to wash your hands.