Wrestling team spars for gold


courtesy DV Wrestling

The wrestling team is ready for the 2-5A district tournament, at Hanks High School, Feb. 4.

Helio Leza, Sports Editor

The mat has been out four months and the wrestling team is pinning its way to victory. The team has already won medals at several tournaments. At the district the boys team ranks 5th overall, and the girls team ranks 4th.

“The first half of the season was great; most of the team was able to hold their own against any school. This half we work on putting more pressure on each other during practice so that in matches it doesn’t feel that different. A tournament that was difficult for the girls was the CapRock tournament, because we faced our region competitors outside of town and it was difficult. I know for the guys the Arizona trip was the same,” girls captain Kassandra Fierro said.

The season started Nov. 18.

“At the beginning of the year we got new mats and it made our practices more efficient so we don’t lose time setting up mats now that we are in our own building. We are not limited in practice and get a lot more done. We showed a lot of potential during the first half of the season. A lot of people started off good and picked up momentum for the later half. If everyone stays focused, determined and disciplined the second half of the season will be very successful. We see potential in some of our wrestlers to make it to the state like freshman Michelle Ramirez, sophomores Jonas Casillas, Omar Perez, juniors Andrew Casillas, Itzel Soto, Mia Perez and senior Kassandra Fierro, “ boys captain Leo Rivera said.

Co-captains include Mia Perez and Andrew Casillas.

“Our captains have done a good job setting an example and (helping) the team verbally and physically during practice. The first half of the season is a learning stage for them. We look at the mistakes that they made during tournaments and put that into our practices and get better. With state coming up the team has been practicing not just with wrestling but also with sleep management, diet and managing stress,” wrestling coach Lino Gomez said.