Diving into the season



Swimming competition starts.

Melanie Hernandez, Reporter

Swimming had a successful first semester.

 “The season was fantastic and some of our swimmers even advanced to regionals.

The weather and the swimming pool power outage caused us a little bit of trouble. However, I’m pleased with what they accomplished and eager to see where they go from there,¨ Erika Lazo said.

Although it’s a long season, the team practices and keeps everyone on the same track.

¨Swimming season did start from late September to April, but due to the weather it changes from time to time. Practice counts during the season so we don’t compete for the full months,” Erika Lazo said.

Swimming requires both physical and mental work. And physically requires a lot of effort.

¨Swimming involves a lot of endurance, muscle strength overall fitness with lots of movement. It does offer mental benefits as well such as to have a good mindset and to be focused for both the body and mind,” Erika Lazo said. 

Swimming requires technique and breathing skills.

“With no doubt breathing is one of the best techniques you have to be good at for swimming, the face is in the water for a fair amount of time which has a big impact on scores. But with practice growth and improvement start showing,” sophomore Scarlet Duarte said.

From the splashing, to the smell of chlorine, to cheers from the audience, swimming is beneficial.

“Competition has been very good for us, recently we just had our competition against Bel Air, Socorro, and San Elizario High Schools. It was our second one of the season and we’ve seen progress as we go” Erika Lazo said.