Who will America vote for?

Who will America vote for?

illustrated by Ayana Avila

Ayana Avila, Managing Editor

This presidential election is dramatic, and compelling. It’s less than a week before a new president is voted in. CNN polls as of Nov. 1, indicate Hillary Clinton has 49 percent of votes and Donald Trump has 44 percent.

“I believe that this year’s election is not very informative, they only say what they believe but they don’t say things that help America,” sophomore Eileen Matamoros said.

Many people say they would vote for Trump because he would be a better president but others disagree.

“I’d vote for Hillary, she has common sense of what she wants America to be, she has an idea. She knows what’s good for America, she has experience with the government,” Matamoros said.

Some believe no matter who wins, there will still be trouble in America.

“If Donald Trump wins, I think that America will be poor, it will go bankrupt and there will always be a fight between the police and the people,” Matamoros said. “But if Hillary Clinton wins, I believe that it will be better but there would still be a few problems,” Matamoros said.

At the debates the candidates clashed.

“They were talking stubbornly and they would cut each other off,” junior Javier Baca said.

Trump just speaks to please the people to what they want.

“When Donald Trump speaks he only tells people what they want to hear and speaks very bluntly and has no hesitation to what comes out of his mouth, that’s why people like him so much,” Baca said.

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