Over 500 schedule changes cause delays


Melanie Hernandez

Counselor handing Marbella her schedule.

Melanie Hernandez, Reporter

Students’ schedules needed a lot of adjustments challenging counselors to make corrections in a timely manner.

Every year schedule changes are made at the beginning of school. Five weeks into school students were still seeing changes, impacting counselors, classes and students.

“An administration team, new incoming students and more than 500 schedule change requests were a big hit,” assistant principal Victor Lara said. “Schedules were released to students late because we have a bigger population than last year. That leads to late schedules.”

 Even though students are behind on daily assignments, counselors still manage to make changes.

“Students don’t realize how much work and effort counselors put in for us to be comfortable,” sophomore Marbella Leyva said. “We should put ourselves in their shoes and understand.” 

So many schedule changes impacted everyone. Counselors were swamped with changes.

“Online was better for registration,”sophomore Jacinda Loray said. “You can fill out all your information with comfort from home and keep everyone’s health and safety secure,”