Fashion classes prepare for competition


Andrea Salcido

Seniors in 5th, Diana, Noelle, Iris work on their v-neck, circle skirt gown for the TSA fashion competition.

Andrea Salcido, Reporter

Two fashion classes, 4th and 5th period, have been working approximately nine weeks for the annual competition.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) competition is at Chapin High School, Feb. 20. The theme is, “The Oscars.”

“This project is really fun, but challenging, because everyone’s dress is different, and we feel confident because of that. We’ve been working on this for about a month and a half. The hardest part of this is wondering if it is really going to fit and go well,” junior Caroline Rodarte said.

The participants are nervous about this competition and are using a lot of fabrics for their dresses. For the three gowns the teams are using about 30 yards of material costing about $300.

“We are using satin and mesh fabric for our dress. Because the theme of the competition is the Oscars, one of my favorite movies is Black Swan and it won an Oscar, we made the dress based on the Black Swan, black and shiny,” senior Noelle Hernandez said. 

Most of the teams are made up of three or four people and one is the model and the others the designers. 

“Fernanda is the model, Mia and Jocelyn are the designers. We are stressed and the hardest part of this is having patience. The easiest is that we still have time, we are not in a rush but we are closer everyday for the competition and that makes us nervous. We plan to achieve some good and fun memories with this,” senior Mia Solis said.