Same lanyards, different IDs


Melanie Hernandez

New Meerkat ID trial at school.

Melanie Hernandez, Reporter

IDs have now trackers. And IDs are mandatory. Students, staff and faculty were issued the new IDs early in the year.

Students noticed the new look. The trackers are meant as a safety measure.

“Once they handed me my ID I noticed the texture was thicker and harder,” sophomore Kristian Flores said. 

It’s an upgrade and easier to communicate with people inside campus. 

“These new IDs are meant for helping and keeping everyone safe,” assistant principal Victor Lara said. “For students it’s a resource that they can reach out to if they find themselves in any type of trouble where they don’t feel safe or in an uncomfortable situation.” 

Students have mixed feelings about the IDs.

“These IDs are safer by tracking someone inside or outside of class,” junior Moses Padilla said.