“Mamma Mia” meets challenges in different venue


Moses Ignacio Corralejo

Drama Club students rehearse while the theater is under construction.

Moses Corralejo, Reporter

The stage is set but not fully due to many challenges. The musical cast must perform under a different spotlight and it’s definitely not the usual spotlight. Theater Club began their new upcoming musical Mamma Mia, September 21st 22nd and 23rd but there are challenges with this production.  

The cast works very hard to put together a perfect ensemble. 

“We rehearse from 4:30 to 7 p.m. throughout the week,” lead cast member Emily Blanco said.

In the theater there is minimum space to practice on the stage. 

“It is a very confined space that we have to practice in,” theater tech teacher Martha Gutierrez said.

The cast does not have to worry about any distractions from construction crews while practicing.

“They don’t work while we rehearse,” male lead cast member Cesar Hernandez said.

The main conflict with the musical is the set. Techs have to move to a different location.

“The set is going to be constructed here but moved to the Ysleta Fine Arts Complex,” theater teacher Melissa Thurman said. 

There is a way to get the set to the stage. 

“The district has a warehouse team that has loading vehicles and theater techs is going to separate the set so they can load it,” Gutierrez said. 

The set will be easy to transport. 

“The set is all built to be separated,” Gutierrez said.

As they say the show must go on.

Mamma Mia will be the only musical this year,” Blanco said.