Band’s marching season wraps up


Maya Rivera

Band performs before the game and practices for competition.

Maya Rivera, Head Editor


Band members have put away their instruments and uniforms. The marching competitions are over too. Band competes to qualify for state every other year, and though this is not a state qualifying year, it is a year for other competitions.

“Every year the band is different and has a distinct personality. The band was super motivated to try our hand at the Bands of America contest circuit. The ante and stakes were higher because of the walk into the unknown,” band director Keith Morales said.

The band was a two-time finalist in the Band of America competition.

“It’s an amazing feeling! ​I’m super proud of all the students and their growth throughout the season,” band director Diego Calderon said.

Even after performing at the football game’s halftime show, they went out of town the next day.

“I love the band students, their tenacity and resilience is second to none,” Calderon said.

 There were some concerns about the marching season.

“As with any season, I felt anxiety going into the season because of the many moving pieces it takes to put together a successful production on the field,” Morales said.

The band persevered.

“The student’s hard work and positive attitude quickly calmed my nerves. Our students can accomplish anything,” Morales said.

That attitude came into play for competition. It has been over 20 years since the band placed in the Zia Marching Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM.

“The last time Del Valle attended the Zia contest was back in the early 2000s,” Calderon said.

The band placed ninth at the Bands of America in Las Cruces, NM.

It’s quite an amazing feeling, it really is like a testament to all the work we put in this summer,” band President Anthony Jordan said.

The band also placed 12th at Bands of America in Flagstaff, New Mexico.

I’m beyond proud of the marching band. I’m very happy with the results and the growth, and I hope that future generations continue the legacy we worked so hard to put down,” Jordan said.