Cappuccinos are back!


Maya Rivera

Conquest Journal offers French vanilla and hot chocolate cappuccinos for $2, in room C205.

Diana Villegas, Reporter

The cappuccino machine is back and ready to fulfill coffee cravings. 

Cappuccinos were a part of the school for a long time before COVID shut the enterprise down.

“The fundraiser started about 20 years ago before I started working here at DV,” Conquest Journal sponsor, Marisol Rivera said.

Pandemic affected the coffee sales.

“The pandemic happened, so we decided out of safety concerns to stop using it for a while,” Rivera said.

Cappuccinos are a fundraiser that helps Conquest Journal.

“The fundraiser is very important since it helps pay for supplies, banquets, cords, and sashes. It’s a big help of course,” Rivera said. 

Cappuccino prices have increased. 

“Each cup is $2 we’re offering hot chocolate and French vanilla cappuccinos,” Rivera said. 

Some students are interested in the cappuccinos.

“I was interested in buying it because I was wondering what it would taste like, and of course to support my Conquest Journal members,” senior Samuel Viscarra said.

Repairing the machine wasn’t a hard job.

“It wasn’t so bad, we found out that the machine was still working, so we actually didn’t have to do any repairs, we just had to clean the machine and get it back in order,” Rivera said.

Conquest Journal has economic goals.

“Since we barely started selling them and it’s already the second semester, (we want to raise) $500,” Rivera said.

Conquest Journal will be marketing their product.

“We will be making some cappuccino commercials for Conquest Journal videos and we will play them on our monitors, hopefully we will get some help from our wonderful publications department,” Rivera said. 

Support is always helpful.

“Please support Conquest Journal and buy some cappuccinos, we have French vanilla and hot chocolate,” Viscarra said.