Students take on VASE competition


Maya Rivera

A mask representing two creatures in one, submitted by Bonny Tonero to the VASE competition.

Maya Rivera, Editor

 Art pieces ranged from animal masks, watercolor portraits and sculptures. Fifteen art students represented the school at the Visual Scholastic Art Event (VASE) regional competition Feb.10. Students explained their creative processes and understanding of visual art to a VASE juror.

“Every year is something different. We are limited with the material we use, but how they use the materials is exciting in that sense,” art teacher Raul Monarrez said.

Ranging from sculpting to stippling, some pieces have interesting stories.

“For my art piece, I am making a guitar using the stippling technique,” senior Melanie Cuellar said.

Getting selected for the competition is a significant process.

“I look for the elements of art, how they use color, how they use lines, basically telling a story through art,” Monarrez said.

The artists have their own view.

“I’m excited for every single piece. I think everyone who submitted artwork has done an excellent job and we all have a fair chance of advancing,” senior Lirio Hinostroza said.

The students selected will also be interviewed by a juror about their creative process on Feb.14.

“I feel confident about my art work since it is a revamp of similar art pieces that I worked on previously,” Cuellar said.

Results for the regional competition will be announced Feb.18.

“I always have a reason as to why I create an art piece, so describing it isn’t a problem,” Cuellar said.