Clowntober makes for a sinister month


Illustration by Brandon Aaron Chavez

A representation of a scary clown.

Brandon Aaron Chávez, Co-editor

In early October scary clowns to terrified people in many countries including the United States. There is absolutely no reason for that.

Social media is loaded with videos of scary clown sightings who sometimes even follow or attack their victims. It is being described by some as a type of terrorism.  In Berlin, Germany police posted a statement in Facebook that these types of jokes are disgusting, sending a clear message to these clowns.

Families are worried that clowns are going to be lurking on Halloween. Titus Sapp, a Hampton police officer, said in a Daily Press article Oct 23,  that if anyone is thinking in dressing as a clown that okay to dress as a clown, but there will be consequences if one causes trouble.

Schools are worried and are even practicing lockdowns. On this campus a boy dressed up as a clown on Halloween and officers told him to remove the mask. Socorro Independent District School Police Services Lt. Joe Castorena was worried because that district had received several calls reporting a clown sighting there. Students are afraid that clowns may be dangerous. 

Scary clowns are out of control, they need to stop before they put themselves or others in danger. The people who are dressing up as a scary clown need to understand that this is not funny.

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