Lunch applications make a comeback


Zugeith Soto-Hernandez

After school supper is offered to all students for free, but school lunch applications are necessary to obtain a free or reduced lunch.

Zugeith Soto-Hernandez, Reporter

Applications are once again a necessary part to qualify for a free or discounted school lunch. Last year, post-pandemic everyone had access to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

“The applications were on our whiteboards outside of the cafeteria. You can go in and submit your application,” cafeteria cashier Elsa Martinez said. “If there is any question, the parent or tutor can’t fill out we, are happy to help.“

It is easy to apply. 

The process was pretty simple, go to the link that was provided and answer the questions, submit the application and register,” senior Salvador Salcido said.  

Lunch application approvals are based on household income. 

“Once students fill it out, it is determined by the annual income of the whole household and the people who live there,” assistant principal Felipe de Jesus Barraza said. 

Even if a student is not approved, lunch is available. 

“Students have the opportunity to have three charges. We can offer them food if they have more than three charges,” Martinez said. “We never leave a student without food, we do offer them an alternative lunch. This would include a peanut butter sandwich, fruit, milk and if they choose to get vegetables they can. ” 

Applications were not necessary last year.

“During COVID, part of the relief that the government put up was for all the schools in the nation to have free lunch. Now COVID has passed and we are going back to the lunch applications,” Barraza said. 

Applications have a positive. 

“We have less food that gets thrown away. You can pay now for what you are going to eat or get only what you’re going to eat, ” Barraza said.