Construction takes over


Maya Rivera

Construction in the east gym to replace the air conditioning system closed the gym until November.

Maya Rivera, Editor

Fixing the sprinklers and air conditioning at school is taking a toll on classes and hallways. While improving the school, students are being kept from their classes, gyms are closed to sports and Physical Education, and ceilings are missing. Construction started in the summer.

“Construction started the Monday students left, so it started June 6,” Principal’s secretary Martha Levario said.

When school opened some classrooms were unavailable.

“The locker rooms are off-limits and that’s where the kids suit out for physical education,” P.E. Coach Bruce Reichman said.

Even some clubs are having a change of scenery.

“When we do a play in the fall, we do a huge set on-stage. We needed to move our whole production to the Fine Arts Center on Alameda,” Theater Tech teacher Martha Gutierrez said.

The improvements are necessary.

“The school is 36 years old, it was time to get a different air system in. It was long overdue,” Reichman said.

Construction is taking longer than expected.

“For the most part the classrooms are being finished pretty quickly, but some are taking longer than expected,” Levario said.

Some of the construction is being done for safety, like installing sensors and cameras. 

“With everything that is happening in the country, we do need more security for the school, to know who’s coming in and out,” Levario said.

It’s all coming together.

“It’s gonna help student’s safety and all employees’ safety,” Levario said.