Students, staff, debate Covid-19 vaccine potency


Lindsey Lazcano

The second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine being administered in Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico.

Lindsey Lazcano , Reporter

It has been 18 months since COVID-19 surfaced, and now the Delta and other variants are on the rise. Almost two years later, students are back to school face-to-face. Some students are vaccinated, and some are not, since the vaccine is not required.

(The vaccine) is not completely effective against the virus, (so being vaccinated) makes a difference (and can prevent) serious complications in case you get infected,” senior Yara Garcia said.

Some believe the vaccine is important.

“It won’t stop transmission, but it will minimize exposure, especially if you have any underlying medical condition,”  Licensed Vocational Nurse Cynthia Astorga said.

Others think the COVID-19 vaccine should be required.

“The vaccine should be mandatory because we are talking about the safety of everyone,” Garcia said. 

Not all are sure. 

“(The vaccine may) have secondary effects in the future,” senior Carlos Juarez said. 

Prevention measures against COVID-19 are important.

“I will learn more coming to school, but I already tested for COVID-19  yesterday because I felt sick, and I have a lot of friends that I know, so I don’t know how healthy this is,” Garcia said. 

Although cases are increasing, safety measures are in place.

“People do not follow the guidelines and proper hygiene,” school nurse Astorga said.“Please make up and follow proper hygiene, together we can beat this COVD-19.”