To wear or not to wear, Hamlet helps Drama Club fundraise


Marissa Thurman

Theatre masks being sold for $10.

Lindsay Estrada, Reporter

To be, or not to be. That is the question. It’s a question about choosing life or death and is still relevant to this day. Every day we choose life by wearing masks. Which all are different with an array of designs and logos, yet one stands out from the crowd. A Shakespeare inspired mask that will help fund the Drama Club.

The face masks have a picture of two skulls and use the famous line reading  “To be, or not to be,” from the play Hamlet.

“The design is the unofficial logo for DV theatre,” theater teacher Marissa Thurman said. 

The skull represents the character Yorick. 

 “The reality that comes to an end eventually, so we must live in the moment and appreciate what we have,” Thurman said. 

 The fundraiser will help with future projects and end of year trips. 60 masks in total were ordered. They sold for $10.