A perfect Valentine’s Day on a budget

Andrea Salcido, Reporter

Valentine’s Day can be disturbing for some. It can involve a lot of money, but to be romantic on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

“I would probably give my Valentine’s date a gift of something meaningful to us, something simple, like paper flowers. This day is not only about the couples, it is also about friendship and support,” senior Eyda Flores said.

Valentine’s Day is also for friendships, showing affection and love.

“Something meaningful and romantic, hugs out of nowhere, that is a sign of showing affection. An ideal date on Valentine’s Day would be me with someone building Legos, with music playing in the background, or taking them somewhere to appreciate a sunset. The simple things are romantic,” senior Angel Rodriguez said. 

Little gifts are also romantic.

“A romantic gesture is in the little details and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Attention is a green flag, telling them something and remembering small details is cute. I’d take my date to a park and have a picnic and paint some canvas, or even watch movies. Flowers and letters are essential on Valentine’s Day,” senior Karen Olivas said.

With good ideas for gifts and a place to go, a date can be perfect on Valentine’s Day.

“An ideal date on Valentine’s Day doesn’t need a lot of money, being with the person you love is enough and having a good time together. A picnic would be romantic with food each loves, flowers and not only for the woman, also the man, it is romantic, letters, and watching romantic movies,” senior Omar Muñoz said.