Plaza Palooza, fun fundraiser


Azael Gomez

Student buys a raspa from Allison Davila and Adamarys Rivera at the Plaza Palooza to raise money for the student trainers.

Zugeith Soto-Hernandez, Reporter

Students gather with decorations, candy and games ready to set up booths. The bell rings, the music plays and the doors open as students rush outside with money in hand. Plaza Palooza, an 11-year tradition, opens its doors to promote various organizations. Many clubs come together to organize, plan and fundraise. 

The event lasts two hours and clubs plan for weeks.

“I guess organizing everything can be challenging cause then you are rushing at the last minute,” Fire Tech Chief Daisy Campos said. 

Even though it is a lot of work, participating pays off. In hopes of making a profit from their Dunk Tank game, co-sponsor of the Class of 2023 Luis Valadez hopes to spend it on the Senior Class. 

“Stuff needs to be bought for decorations for the dance, for the halls. We have Senior Farewell expenses. We have some contribution to senior trips,” Valadez said. 

In regards to money,  Fire Tech hopes to make progress financially.

“Our goal would be at least $300,” Campos said.

Plaza Palooza provides a good opportunity to fundraise, but it also provides something else

 “Its intention is for a kind of welcome back to school and for the kids to have some school spirit,” Student Activities director Chris Lopez said.