Chalk up another Valentine’s Day


Melanie Hernandez

Students reactions on Valentines day

Melanie, Reporter

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of pluses and minuses. That day can make one feel as if one is riding a roller coaster. So many mixed emotions. 

“Valentine’s Day is a special day due to demonstrating a certain level of concern for a person you care about,” Jacinda Loray said.

In school one realizes how special the day is. 

“This day has unique significance since you have the chance to express devotion to someone who will feel cherished and appreciated,” sophomore Maya Rivera said.

Others might think the opposite.

Budget should not even be a consideration because expressing love need not involve spending money or wasting time,” sophomore Kristian Flores said.

Students’ perspectives are defined by their opinions.

“It is all marketing because it is false to believe that love should only be celebrated on one day. It should be shown every day,” sophomore Naomy Reyes said. 

It can also be the ideal moment to start something new.

“Many people could feel left out when they witness everyone giving gifts to one another, which could make them feel inferior,” senior Mia Maese said.

Valentine’s Day can be complicated,

“It could be difficult because people might want to give gifts but do not have the funds to do so, and because the cost increases around Valentine’s Day,” Flores said.