New year, new resolutions


Illustration by Diana Villegas

List of resolutions for the year.

Diana Villegas, Reporter

As the year begins, many students are excited to work on their resolutions for the new year.

“My resolutions are to have better grades, be more patient, be more active and try to be less angry,” senior Sebastian Gonzalez said.

Others have long term resolutions.

“I want to be the best person that I can be, be there for others when they need me. Overall I want to become a better person,” senior Diego Felix said. 

Some students have personal achievements in mind.

“I want to better myself as a human being and achieve goals that I left unsuccessful last year,” Felix said.

Some students are working toward their resolutions.

“I’ve been working a little bit, but there have been no results yet,” Gonzalez said.

Some have achievable resolutions.

“If I work hard, there’s a lot of work to do and I haven’t had the time to do it,” senior Valeria Loo-Kung said.

Other students are dedicated to work towards their resolutions.

“I feel like since this is my last year of high school, I have a different mentality from what I had during the previous years,” Gonzalez said.

For some students the people around them are helpful.

“My friends and I help each other in achieving our goals by supporting each other and doing favors for one another,” senior Diego Martinez, said.

Some have met their resolutions successfully.

“I have achieved my resolutions before, it’s just about being consistent and determined to do it. Of course you’re going to lose motivation throughout the year, but just keep on working for it,” Loo-Kung said.

Changes can happen throughout the year.

“Maybe I’ll add more resolutions, but it will depend on how the times are,” Felix said.

Years can change a student’s life.

“I believe my resolutions will change since I will be going to college soon, I will have new friendships and maybe leave some friendships behind here at DV. Everything will depend on what events happen,” Gonzalez said.