New club works to create safe space


Illustrated by Sarah Belmar

C.R.E.W. shares message of faith and God through social media.

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

A new club has joined the school, Christians Ready Equipped Willing (C.R.E.W.) and their first meeting was February 7. The creators and leaders senior Sarah Belmar and junior Gabriel Hernandez hope to bring encouragement and positivity through Christianity and testimony. This club provides a fun and safe space for students to share their faith.

“Our club is all about spreading faith and supporting other students. That’s how we want to expand and create a community with a Christian fellowship,” C.R.E.W. leader Sarah Belmar said. 

The leaders are positive and optimistic about what they do for others.

“I just like to lift up others and I know giving people stickers or giving them a hug makes a big difference and goes a long way for others,” Belmar said.

Being able to lead such a group is an honor to leaders.

“Having a club with such purposes brings me a sense of undeserving privilege and responsibility of giving the good news to everyone, that God is there,” C.R.E.W. leader Gabriel Hernandez said.

The club is inclusive to all who want to share their testimony and talk about their faith and love for God.

“That hope, love and trust that was given to us so freely is what we want to give to everyone, the love that was given to us freely is what (compels) us to give it to others, even though we may not deserve it, it was gifted to us,” Hernandez said.

Leaders and students involved are aware there may not be many who agree with the club.

“I expected more confrontation than anything because I’m used to people not being very optimistic when it comes to talking about Christianity and that’s okay,” Belmar said.

A pastor is present at meetings and students reflect on what is being taught.

“In a meeting we have a Youth Pastor named Julian Wheeler who comes and shares scripture, then challenges students to make wise choices. Sometimes students will ask questions,” club sponsor Mercy Rubio said.

Meetings are full of fun activities that include lots of interaction.

“Our meetings are based around learning something different about each other and strengthening one another in faith, so to do that we pick a (biblical) message that inspires us so we can discuss its meaning and how we are able to apply what we learned into any situation that we may be going through,” Hernandez said.

Leaders and pastors want to bring everyone together.

“I hope to see students’ lives change for the better and that they remember what is taught by scripture, that no matter what life brings they will find the wisdom to overcome,” Rubio said.