Nails make big statement


Azael A. Gomez

Senior Iris Suarez.

Sharp, pointy nails are a trending accessory.

Acrylic nails weren’t created with the idea that they’d be used as fashion accessories. In 1954 Dentist Frederick Slack cut his nail thumb while working in a dental lab. He later used dental acrylics to cover it. Little did he know that acrylic nails would go big.

Slack experimented with different materials until he found the right one. Then he and his brother Tom Slack started Patti Nails, now known as Nail Systems International (NSI). 

“NSI has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of high quality products for the professional nail industry for over 30 years,” Nails Systems International, About, (website).

Acrylic nails can be short, long or adorned with unique accessories. 

“They show off personalities,” senior Kayle Pineda said. “They’re cool to have and show off.”

The nails gained popularity in the 80s. 

“They make me feel feminine and add color to my nails,” senior Melanie Cuellar said. “They’re great for every occasion.”

There are different ways to get the nails, do it yourself or get them professionally done in a nail salons. 

“When I do them I get the gel that becomes the acrylic or press ons that you can paint,” PIneda said. “Press ons are $5 to $10 cheaper than the gel.”

 Getting them done at a salon can range in price depending on design.

“I got mine for $35 but I’ve seen people (pay) up to $150,” Cuellar said. “For me the cheaper they are the better.”

Whichever way nails are applied, they are an accessory of confidence.

“They make me feel good about my hands because I have long fingers,” junior Mia Danessi said. “They’re really elegant.”