Nation erupts into flames as Capitol Hill breached


Shuhan Sun

Captiol Hill smokes in riot aftermath.

Shuhan Sun, Reporter

A crowd of angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, attempting to halt the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6. This riot that has never been preceded, took a frightful toll on the nation. The hope that many people have had for this new change in leadership was met with the harsh reality that a lot has yet to change. 

For most, the Capitol Hill riot was met with outrage and disgust. 

I was horrified that these people thought it was within their right to trespass on government property and endanger the lives of those inside the building,” junior Danielle Diaz said.

Skepticism of the Biden administration arose after the Capitol Hill Riot as many people began doubting the change it can bring to the nation. The ability of Joe Biden to overturn everything Trump has inflicted upon the nation is in question.

“I’m not sure Biden can undo the actions of Trump, but hopefully he can set a steady foundation that we can rebuild off,” Diaz said.

That is confirmed by the number of Trump supporters that remain prominent in the nation, and even within schools where democratic influences hold strong. Some even try to defend Trump against accusations.

“No, I do not believe Trump incited the violence. Nowhere did he ever say any word of violence, as a matter of a fact, he condemned the riots immediately after they occurred,” junior Jessica Liu from Silva High School, said. “You might say he was a bad president, but he was by no means evil. Many of the acts Trump passed were very good, so if Biden’s goal is to destroy Trump’s legacy, he’s going to have a hard time.”

As Trump’s impeachment trial date looms closer, politicians fear impeachment would further divide the nation by alienating Trump’s Republican Party and bring Biden’s hope for unity to near impossible.

“Reflecting on the situation, the nation will most likely become even more separated. What happened on Capitol Hill was a crime and disaster that will always be brought up as an argument,” junior Xochitl De La Torre said.

However, even with all the doubts, hope still lingers in the air for the new administration.

“I think it will mean a time for change and acceptance,” De La Torre said. “I believe we needed a change from Trump’s presidency, and I’m happy and hopeful for this nation’s future.”

The shift in leadership also brings another change to the tired nation. Kamala Harris is the first woman of color to become vice president. Her step toward leadership brings hope to the nation, hope that was lost during Trump’s tumultuous reign.

“The fact that we have a woman of color as our vice president means our nation is progressing and we can only expect more representation in the future,” De La Torre said. 

Expectations pile high for the Biden administration, as the American people long for long promised equality.

“I’m expecting that the Biden administration fulfills its promises along with bringing a new sense of equality,” De La Torre said. “I wish for them to reform the justice system, help minorities and immigrants, and start the movement to truly give everyone equality.”


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