COVID-19 vaccine expectations


illustrated by Evelyn Perez

People have many expectations they hope the vaccine can do

Evelyn Perez, Promotions Coordinator

Covid-19 has been in the U.S. since last February with scientists finally rolling out several different vaccines. Several vaccines are out in Argentina, Canada, Finland, Mexico and the United States.

¨I think it is great that we have a vaccine to help prevent COVID-19.  It will help save some lives and help us end the spreading of this illness,”school nurse Lucila Menchaca said.

People have been waiting for this vaccine to stop the spread of the virus. 

¨The only side effect that I got was a localized reaction to the immunization site with redness, inflammation and tenderness,¨ Menchaca said. 

Nurses, doctors, military and people the age of 65 have gotten the vaccine. This vaccine benefits all.  

¨The vaccine will work with your immune system so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed,¨ Licensed Vocational Nurse Cynthia Astroga said.

There are some people who have yet to take the vaccine. People without the vaccine still have to follow the procedures by wearing a mask, staying 6 feet away even though there is a vaccine, so staying safe is key. 

¨Stay safe and if you have the chance to get vaccinated, DO IT… Slight protection is better than no protection at all,¨ Astroga said. 

After vaccinating the most vulnerable there are still people that would need the vaccine, for example students and teachers. Students and teachers have been doing online school for year. There are some that want students to take the vaccine and others don’t. 

¨Yes and no, yes because school is a very important part for everyone especially the social aspect of it. But also no because I know that the vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective in all situations and also that school is not in an in person setting in the slightest as it is usually just people on their Chromebooks doing exactly what everyone else is just in a class,¨ senior Mikhail Velez said. 

Teachers and students should get the vaccine after all the experiences that happened last year.  

¨I should get the vaccine so as to protect those around me and ensure a more rounded protection to my friends and family,¨ Velez said.