Pandemic challenges staying clean


Lilian Miranda

Wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer is used to prevent COVID-19.

Lilian Miranda, Reporter

COVID-19 is keeping people home. Suddenly it is important to be aware of how to clean.

Due to the rise of COVID-19, disinfecting is a part of one’s daily routine. 

¨My habit has changed, sometimes I would wear my scrubs for a while before changing, but now (I change immediately)  and wash my hands,¨ Registered Nurse Lucila Menchaca said. “I don’t strip down upon entering my home, I change my scrubs and separate them from the other dirty laundry, wash my hands and proceed to do my duties at home.¨

Masks play an important part in keeping clean and safe.

¨I have learned to change the mask out at least weekly. Once students return I will be using my surgical mask while at work as well as my face shield,¨ Menchaca said. ¨I will have to use the surgical mask more than one day since we will not have more masks readily available.¨

Although many think that wearing gloves assures safety, it is not something that is recommended. 

¨Wearing gloves (causes) cross contamination when you are running errands,¨ Licensed Vocational Nurse Cynthia Astorga said. ¨Only wear gloves if you are cleaning a surface or working with patients. Make sure you dispose of them after one use, do not hand sanitize gloves. Always wash your hands.¨

Washing hands is especially important if one has just been in a public place.

¨We should wash our hands all the time. Before eating, after using the restroom, if we cough or sneeze, after we get home from running errands. Wash your hands for 20 seconds at least, thoroughly,¨ Astorga said. 

One must be aware of which surfaces and items to disinfect.

¨Please, always wear your mask if you need to go out. Stay 6-feet away from one another. Wash your hands constantly, and do not touch your face,¨ Astorga said. ¨Try to stay at home as much as possible to avoid crowds and exposure. If you feel sick, please seek medical help as soon as possible.¨

Mask safety and cleanliness is important. 

¨Do not take things for granted, things can change from one week to another. I remember the last day of school before we started to quarantine, it was Friday the 13th of March,¨ Menchaca said. ¨Take a break from listening to news that may be depressing, focus on what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.¨

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