Creativity and exercise is a sure cure for boredom


Lilian Miranda

Staying occupied during quarantine

Lilian Miranda, Reporter

A woman sits on her couch home alone and watches her favorite television show because that is the only thing that keeps her occupied. 

Everyone knows how tiresome boredom can be. Being busy at home does not mean one has  to challenge oneself with exhausting activities. One can be entertained with the littlest things such as drawing, listening to music, even dancing.  

Boredom invades at different times and in different situations from work to school but when one has had enough boredom can be chased away. Most people stay home can take care of themselves physically while trying to avoid being bored all day.

Exercising is good because it takes time away from just sitting on the couch, eating nothing but candy and chips while watching television. 

Reading a book takes time away from social media because everyone needs a break and reading helps challenge the mind and makes it stronger and wiser.

Doing the same thing every day is only going to create more boredom. Learning a new hobby is better than that, if one tries something new not only will one find a hobby but have the potential to be really good at it.


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