To disinfect or not to disinfect groceries



A customer from Target disinfects her groceries after leaving the store.

Abigail Patterson, Reporter

Going to the store to buy groceries has become a hassle. Out-of-stock items, long lines, donning masks, and gloves are all part of daily life. In addition to that many are now disinfecting their groceries once the manage to get them home.

Due to the fast rise of the virus, disinfecting purchased products to avoid the virus has become part of the process. According to a recent story on NPR, “No, You Don’t Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here’s How To Shop Safely,” April 12,, disinfecting groceries isn’t a necessity.

The article went on to say that people are more likely to get infected by going shopping rather than by touching their groceries.

According to a recent CDC story “What You Can Do,” April 3, one can “clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces” while  out. It doesn’t specify if one should disinfect groceries since most of these items are not frequently touched.

It is highly unlikely that people will get infected by touching their groceries. Just like wearing gloves slightly protects people from Covid-19, whether people disinfect their groceries or they don’t, getting COVID-19 from touching products is highly unlikely, but may be good for peace of mind.

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