Choir prepares for All Region contest


by:Evelyn Perez

Choir practices for the All Region contest.

Evelyn Perez, Reporter

Ten choir member made All Region choir including tenors Alejandro Gonzalez and Diego Martinez, altos Emily Blanco, Ashley Campos, Mariela Canava, Marisa Garcia, Kiara Gutierrez, Celeste Lopez, Claudia Negrete, Bianca Saucedo, Oct. 12, at Loretto High School.

Every high school in the city will compete in the contest. Auditions for the competition start Oct.12. 

The students worked hard to get ready. When preparing, students split up into groups. Some worked with choir teacher Lisa Serna and others paired up to practice together.  

Serna participated in last year’s contest. 

“I was one of the conductors for the All Region Men’s Contest. About nine students got in the competition,” Serna said. ”I expect my students to have a good turnout and prepare the best for the students.”       

 Teaching new music can be difficult. Everything needs to be assembled well for the contest.           

“I like my students to have the best music experience they have ever had,” Serna said.

There are 24 students registered for the competition.

When preparing Serna makes a mixture of mix down music, a mix of several tracks in a single file to produce a multi-track recording. For the contest, Serna has students practice a minimum of  20 to 30 minutes each day. There are six songs for the audition. Once at the contest the top 13 contestants move to the next level. After that the top five are chosen until only four are selected. Serna has high expectations for her students.       

“I have great students and they try their hardest to achieve,” Serna said. 

Melanie Hernandez is one of the presidents of the choir class. As president she is required to participate in contests.        

“Everybody in varsity is required to participate in the competition. I have to (set) the example to others,”  Hernandez said.

When preparing for the competition choir students practice often.        

“We practice every day and we also practice our vocal techniques,” Hernandez said.

The All Region contest may help Hernandez accomplish what she is looking for.

 “I want to be part of the All Region choir because it can make me a better singer,” Hernandez said. 

Contests can be stressful.

“I feel nervous about trying for the audition for the contest,” Hernandez said.

Competition may be nerve racking for many reasons.

“Auditioning is scary because you can’t see the judges in the face while performing them,” Hernandez said.

Senior Samantha Velarde is in choir and enjoys it.      

“It’s really fun I get to meet new people, everybody is friendly and outgoing and you don’t feel you,” Velarde said.

Velarde is trying out for the competition this year. When preparing people have different ways to practice.     

“I practice every 30 minutes, also play music in the car or practice with friends,” Velarde said.

Being part of a competition and preparing for it can make students feel anxious.

 “(I am) not afraid, (I) just go for it and give it all,” Velarde said.

Accomplishing something is important, but not everything.      

“Being there just makes me excited and happy,” Velarde said.