Conquest Journal wins $10K, prize money going to athletic programs


Alan Enriquez

Powerade's "Power Your School" winners Eileen, Jose and Robert, Conquest Journal staff members.

Alan Enriquez, Head photographer

The Conquest Journal crew won $10,000 after entering the national Powerade “Power Your School” competition.  Conquest Journal submitted a video describing the school’s needs and intentions for the prize money Dec. 7. The prize money is going to the athletic programs.

The objective was to show the school’s need for new equipment.

“The wrestling team uses mats that are 30-years-old, the track runners use broken hurdles, and the baseball pitchers have to practice in swampy areas,” Conquest Journal member Eileen Matamoros said.

Distribution of the prize money will be decided in mid February.

“Once the money comes in, the coaches will look at who needs the most resources and from there decide how to distribute the money,” Principal Antonio Acuña said.

Conquest Journal was one of 50 grand prize winners. Their video placed 16th out of all the schools that entered the competition.

“It was exciting to hear that we won. It’s always nice to have your students’ work recognized,” AV Tech teacher Marisol Rivera said. “It’s good for their portfolio, for their resume, and for getting jobs later on.”

The video can be viewed on their YouTube channel Del Valle Digital Media.