Indie bands shine on stage


Sierra Orozco

Crowd having a blast while Allway Drive performs onstage.

Sierra Orozco, Reporter

Recent punk rock/alternative shows in El Paso have brought an entire community together. People of all ages enjoy their favorite music and have fun. These shows are an outlet for many people. 

Many bands have played in different venues throughout the city at locations such as The Music Gallery and a rental venue located outside of Cielo Vista Mall. There are bands such as Late Night Drive Home, Tony Jupiter, Fader, Nothing Special, Good Mourning and so many more indie and punk rockers who have crowds fully engaged.

As people walk into the doors ready to see their favorite bands, excitement fills the room. Heads are banging and crowds are cheering, people are in the moment and having a fun night out. It is a time where punk kids come together. People are expressive and have a place where they do not feel judged. 

Everyone loves the energy in the room. People have a sense of belonging, they are comfortable and surrounded by people who are like-minded and enjoy the same music.

 People come to shows to escape their realities. After a long hard day at work or a long week of school punk kids feel like everything is going to be okay at that moment. They are free of worries and there is nothing in the way of their fun.

 One thing that everyone has in common is the music. Bands perform their fan favorite songs such as “Stress Relief,” by Late Night Drive Home as well as cover songs from famous rock bands like Deftones and Korn, making the crowds cheer with excitement. 

There are all kinds of people to meet with warm smiles and inviting spirits. Everyone is talking and engaging with one another. If people aren’t feeling the crowd there is a place for people to hang out with their friends and skate. 

The scene is lively and out of one’s mind. People who may feel like outcasts have a special place to feel safe and comfortable thanks to the music.