Virtual junior year complicates senior year


Illustrated by Alyssa Venzor

Starting senior year has been a challenge but the seniors have pulled through.

Alyssa Venzor, Editor in Chief

Heading into high school there are so many things to look forward to and enjoy. There is the first day of freshman year, full of nerves and excitement. Sophomore year may be a little too relaxed. Junior year builds up with more responsibilities and experiences. 

Senior year is probably the year most students look forward to. By senior year one is joining the crowd, cheering on the home team, then feeling that victorious win wash over the crowd as the winning touchdown is scored. There is also getting ready for homecoming to dance in the blinking lights. One might even go out of town with the Senior Class and relish all things fun. Senior year is a special, once in-a-lifetime experience but getting there can be a challenge.

Getting to this senior year, started out as a smooth ride as a freshman but as the years progressed, the ride got bumpy. In sophomore year school changed dramatically after spring break, this class didn’t come back until their first day of senior year. Without a junior year on campus, a lot of students were deeply disappointed. 

“Senior year is nothing like the movies, it’s a lot more stressful,” senior Mariana Duran Rodriguez said.

There were a lot of things students missed out on during the pandemic lockdown.

“The thing I missed the most was being able to see my friends daily. It was rough not being able to talk to them in person,” senior Valeria Salas said.

Alternative interests keep students active in their day-to-day lives.

“Exercise and my hobbies helped me get into a daily routine,” senior Ramses Gonzalez said.

A few words of encouragement helped others.

“Just keep pushing through it. Nothing is everlasting, there is always a rainbow after a thunderstorm. Just because these are the circumstances now, doesn’t mean they’re going to be (there) forever,” senior Dennise Rodriguez said.

No on-campus schooling in junior year affected many students.

“Many times I still think I’m a junior and (find myself) looking forward to my next school year,” Gonzalez said. 

Although the previous years weren’t the greatest, this year has its memorable moments. 

“(My favorite part of being back is) that I have been able to feel like we were back before COVID even though I know it’s different,” senior Adan Aranda said.

As the year flies by, goals are still attainable.

“I have been able to manage to be a fully active officer in six clubs and even now I am close to top ten,” Aranda said.

Saying goodbye to an important time raises mixed emotions.

“Senior year, it’s over yet it hasn’t been the greatest, but considering everything it’s been a good time,” Duran Rodriguez said.