Hiatus over, students back


Photgraph by Lindsay Estrada

School hallways back in use after quarantine.

Lindsay Estrada, Reporter

From typing on a computer on a messy bed to returning to lively crowded hallways, it is no doubt that coming back to in-person learning has been a unique experience. 

As students return to school and regular schedules, many may be stunned by the change. 

 “Lockdown took me by surprise, I thought it would be over in a few months,” sophomore Luz Sotelo said. “It feels like time skipped and suddenly I was teleported as a sophomore.” 

Not all were affected by the lockdown. 

“I don’t really care that I lost my sophomore year, at least I didn’t lose my senior year,” senior Sarah Belmar said. 

Students are glad in-person school is back. 

“It feels good to be back, because I get to interact with people again,” freshman Chanel Perez said.

Change is inevitable, as the lockdown lasted for almost two years. People changed too.

“Everyone has changed. Everyone has grown and changed styles and how they feel,” Sotelo said. 

Now many feel new and improved. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m the same as before. Usually I would be quiet, but now I talk more and tell people about my interests,” junior Eric Lujan said. 

When school started back in early August, masks were optional. Two weeks later, mask use became mandatory. 

“I see more people complaining about the masks,” Lujan said, “I was glad the rule was reinstated.” 

Despite the rule being in effect, there is skepticism and uncertainty about COVID-19.

“I feel like we might go back to lockdown because although we have a vaccine, it isn’t 100 percent effective and some people refuse to get it,” Sotelo said, “Please wear your masks and wash your hands, protect yourself and everyone around you.”