Spoiler: They Both Die At The End


Savanna Torres

Prepare to read “They Both Die At The End” with a box of tissues on hand.

Savanna Torres, Editor

Warning: mature content, death

“I regret to inform you that sometime in the next 24 hours you’ll be meeting an untimely death. Live this day to the fullest, okay?” These are the first words one sees when opening the book “They Both Die At The End,” by Adam Silvera. 

Two teenage boys, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio, are total strangers who happen to share a very important day, their End Day. Through the app, Last Friend, they meet up and have the adventure of their life, even if they only have one day to do it. 

One might wonder what’s the point of reading the book if I already know the ending, but no one reads a book for the ending, they read for the build-up, the emotions, and that’s exactly what this book offers. With great minority representation and familiar characters, this book may quite possibly leave the reader sobbing in their room at 2 a.m. thinking about how they might want to take advantage of their life a little bit more.

Although the book was published in 2017, as of May 2021 the author, Adam Silvera, teamed up with HBO Max to adapt the book into a television show series. The release date and filming date are still unknown.

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