The ghosts of Christmas past and Christmas present


Photo courtesy of Jaylonnie Murrell

The trees are up and the holidays are here.

Kenneth Durbin, Reporter

With the ever-changing times, life is looking different each and every day. As the holidays fast approach some are making different plans, others are not. 

Many are not feeling the spirit of the season.

“Well, this year I feel super weird and also sad because the year has been rough not only for me but also for everyone due to the virus around the world,” junior Jorge Perez said.

Usually, people have longheld traditions for the holidays.

“Normally when it comes to Christmas we all gather together and go to our grandma’s house in Juárez,” Perez said. “It’s really cool because our family is really big, so that means lots of food and lots of fun stuff with everyone. We always go one day before Christmas so we can be ready to make tamales and pies for Christmas Eve.”

Due to the world’s current situation, a lot of family holidays look different and many are choosing to forgo their traditions.

“We are not celebrating this year due to obvious events. There really isn’t much else to say in this regard,” sophomore Jose Martinez said.

With our new way of life, many chose to embrace change and make new traditions while others will wait and embrace tradition 

“I believe that over time things will slowly become more public. the virus will remain present, but it should fall into recession as long as proper precautions are taken,” Martinez said.

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