Virtual school, a positive and a negative

Supplies junior Marisa Garcia needs everyday to complete school.

Marisa Garcia

Supplies junior Marisa Garcia needs everyday to complete school.

Marisa Garcia, Reporter

School can be stressful and overwhelm students, yet it can also become a sanctuary due to close bonds with teachers and friends.

Covid-19, coronavirus, pushed us to explore the world of virtual classrooms. Some students have found less stress in their new classrooms as the assignments for each class has been limited to only one a week.

“I am less stressed than I was before because it is less work than I was getting before. It’s easier for me to do, although some of the assignments don’t have a clear explanation so I can understand how to do the assignment,” Pamela Chavez said. 

Chavez has a younger sister in elementary school who struggles to keep focused when it’s her turn to do her work.

“My sister gets distracted easily and she can end up procrastinating. It can be difficult for my mom and I to get her to focus on finishing her school work, sometimes she just ends up not completing it. It’s also equally frustrating because her teacher doesn’t know how to work Google Classroom properly so not only is it frustrating for my mom and I but also for my sister,” Chavez said. 

Virtual school definitely has its ups and downs, students may be less stressed but students with younger siblings, housework and who struggle with procrastination have definitely seen the bad side of the virtual classroom.

“I am an AP student so I have time consuming assignments. I am also an older sister so I often have to take care of my younger siblings and help clean the house. Being an AP student and having responsibilities at home, I would say virtual school hooked me up for a pretty harsh challenge,” Dyvanna Soria said.

Virtual school has been a different hit for Soria and that hit was mostly on the negative side. Although as much as Soria struggled, she still manages to find light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am a big procrastinator, so I made it a goal to stop procrastinating when going into virtual school and surprisingly it’s gone well,” Soria said, “I have experienced the negative side of virtual school but I also have experienced the positive side. It has helped me manage not only my procrastination but my time, my sleep schedule, controlling my stress and remaining patient until school ends.”

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