Pajama day, every day



Student school clothes before quarantine. Student online school clothes during quarantine.

Lilian Miranda, Reporter

A young boy wakes up at 7 a.m. with his pajamas and stretches until he fully wakes up. As he stretches, he realizes he has school. The first thing he does is check his computer because it is the only communication he has with his teachers, classmates and friends. 

To some, the idea of dressing up for an online class seems odd. After all, nobody will see you. One may just put on sweatpants, the t-shirt you wore the day before and take that shower later on in the day, after meeting with teachers and turning in overdue assignments.

 People are dressing more and more comfortably since Covid-19 is restricting everyone to stay home. No worries over hair or makeup, no stressing over an outfit that matches. Pajamas are trending.

Students have their opinion whether wearing regular school clothes for online school makes a difference on their attitude.

“Although coming dressed up to school is common, I do not like to criticize anyone who wears pajamas because that is their choice,” junior Eduardo Flores said. “With this pandemic that is going on, I wear pajamas for online school even for virtual practice at times and it does not change me as a person.”

Going to school was motivation to get up and get ready. 

“In school I would not really dress up, but I would at times,” junior Almendra Armendariz said. “Now that I am only at home I usually stay in my workout clothes.


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