Post quarantine summer actives


A nice summer afternoon

Omar Gonzalez

It has been a year since the pandemic started and now because of the vaccines places are opening at 100 percent.

 And there is a lot more to do now that summer is here. Everyone wants to get out of the house. Establishments are allowing more people to gather as they open to full capacity. 

Many of the things to do outside now include riding bikes, going swimming , even running around with friends and family this summer. Even small activities will be one to remember after a year if  locked down. One can simply enjoy the local parks and local rec centers have opened up for the summer also Wet and wild also has opened up, which still have precaution to keep people safe.

Now that more people are getting vaccinated, families can  get together, without being afraid of catching the virus.

As we near normality, everything we do is going to look and feel the same way it did about a year ago.