The-Boy-Who-Lived defeats long standing adversary


Shuhan Sun, Reporter

Two of the nation’s most popular book series —  Harry Potter and the Twilight saga —  have left an impression on young fans all over the world. Copies are available in almost every language still spoken, and sold all over the world. However, only one can take the win in this animated battle for the throne, and the Boy-Who-Lived wins again. 

Harry Potter has proven that it can captivate the attention of readers as young as second grade. With a cleverly structured plotline, Harry Potter takes readers into the journey of an eleven year old boy as he progresses into adulthood through war, devastation, and darkness. JK Rowling incorporates the theme of childhood innocence and how easily it can be taken away throughout the books as they get darker and darker with each book. Throughout the magical trip, JK Rowling shows the power of friendship and love, and the strength of perseverance.

The Twilight series, written by Stephanie Meyer, takes a more realistic approach to life as readers follow the life of Bella Swan, a girl that falls in love with a teenage vampire, later developing powers herself. Following Harry Potter, the Twilight saga had the second most fanfictions written about it on the popular fanfiction site,

This shows how heavily contested the two book series are as they spread hand to hand in many countries in the world.

However, polls by young readers have shown which series holds a special place in their minds. Polls consistently show a strong favoritism to Harry Potter, with many teens enjoying the fantasy world of Harry Potter.