Volleyball team in it to win it



Varsity volleyball team plays against Horizon High School, Sept. 20.

Andrea Salcido, Reporter

Volleyball season is in full swing and the team is working hard to be a better team and improve their skills.

“The team needs to work on communication, they have the skill,” varsity volleyball coach Carlos Padilla said. “They have the work ethic, but no communication on and off the court”.

The team started practice over the summer. The team stands 4th place in the district, the overall is 72% wins. Captains are excited about the season.

“I like this sport because you can play with each other, you can be loud and not be embarrassed, and just be yourself,” varsity volleyball team captain Yamile Rojero said.  

Becoming a captain of the team requires hard work and demonstrating they can manage leadership, confidence. The team has eight members returning and five new members.  

“I think this year is different because you can get along, no drama and we’re all enjoying our routine, the games, the people,” varsity volleyball team captain, Mia Chavez said.