Boys soccer team heads to final four


Photo courtesy of Antonia Seltzer

The boys soccer team and all their Accolades from this season

Omar Gonzalez, Reporter

The soccer team worked hard in a dramatic final four appearance at state, winning the last three playoff games with a loss to Wakefield in the semifinals.

When playing soccer games out of town, the team was calm and collected.

 “There was not a whole lot of pressure traveling, because as a team and as a group, we knew our talent and what we are capable of doing on the field, no matter what team is in front of us. Of all the games we played before, we always went into the game ready to give it our all.  We proved all the haters (other teams) wrong and we made it farther than most expected us to go and that was a motivation to keep trying to prove people wrong,“ forward Edgar Hernandez said. 

There were three out-of-town games. 

”It was a great feeling, to be playing against the best teams in the state and to represent our city, our community and our school with pride. Playing games out there knowing we have fans watching us at home is a great feeling and we built off that energy. Playing out of town was thrilling, it was an unreal feeling knowing we made it really far into the bracket. It was a good feeling,” midfield, forward Rudy Garcia said. 

The soccer team played three out-of-town games against grapevine, Colleyville and Wakeland and they were traveling to the opposing teams’ schools so it took a toll on the players but they Managed to go keep ongoing 100 percent 

Playing out of town can be tiring and the soccer team had to overcome that situation. I think the biggest challenge for us was getting the right amount of rest, and trying to stay fit for games that we were playing week-in and week-out. The one hour change wasn’t a big factor in our schedule, but it did have a minor effect,” Hernandez said.