Girls varsity basketball team makes gains



Varsity guard Vianna looks to pass the ball in the game against Parkland High School, Feb. 11. The girls won 53-35.

Victoria Clemente, Reporter

The girls basketball team has seen quite an improvement. The girls worked hard to improve not only their state ranking, but their division rankings. National rankings are  up over 3000 points. The team stands 10-8 in district, 21-11 overall. 

When the team won against Parkland High School, their national rank went up 18 points, 5 points in state. 

“Many of our victories help push us to the top and allow us to better each other,”  captain Jaqueline Morales said. 

When the girls pushed to finish the season, they worked hard to improve not only themselves as individuals but as a team. There are six returners including Adryan Alvarez, Iris 0Duarte, Deseray Garcia, Nubia Moncayo, Jackie Morales, Natalie Murillo. The new members include Michelle Aguilar, Natallie Payan, Vianna Villareal.  

 “Every year is a new chance to show that we have become better,” coach Gabriella Diaz said. 

When things got rough, the girls found a way to help each other out. 

“We always pick each other up when we’re down and we keep each other going,” post Natalie Murillo said. The girls cheered each other on from the sidelines and encouraged the girls to keep going. 

The team had its ups and downs but pushed through with every game. They beat Ysleta High School 77-40. During the first half the girls scored 41 points and 36 in the second. The team pushed to say ahead and came out victorious. 

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